Mirana Ventures is an early-stage crypto fund dedicated to supporting companies, protocols, networks and DAOs in the transition toward a more decentralized society. Our deal sizes range from $200k – $20million.

Our team has built multiple organizations including: Windranger Labs, BitDAO, Dekrypt Capital, Mirana Asset Management, SF Blockchain Week, and Bybit. We have inhouse legal counsel specializing in tokenization and DAOs.

We leverage strategic relationships to help support and guide portfolio companies on their mission, taking a hands-on approach to maximizing their chances of success. We are co-authors of some of the largest DAO proposals including Game7, EduDAO, ZkDAO. We’re actively participating in token governance and the design of web3 incentive mechanisms for our portfolio companies.

Asset Management

Mirana Asset Management manages one of the largest proprietary digital asset portfolios globally. We have a broad mandate to execute and deliver across a diverse spectrum within the crypto ecosystem, including but not limited to liquid strategies on both cefi and defi, yield generation and macro discretionary.

Anchoring the team are multidisciplinary individuals with Tier 1 backgrounds in quantitative trading, technology as well as crypto-native contributors.

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